Video Marketing Top 5 Secrets Revealed
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Video Marketing Top 5 Secrets Revealed

Video marketing statistics are on the rise, 69% of all consumer traffic will come from video. Mobile video ads will experience five times faster growth than desktop. Landing pages with video get 800% more conversions.

It’s time to master the best practices in creating video content.

Zara Burke of Digital Marketing Institute shares with us 5 Secrets of Video Marketing Success.

Video Marketing Tips 

Video Marketing Tips

1- Tell A Story, Don’t Sell

People are getting annoyed due to the amount of sales clutter on the internet. They get spam on their email and ads pop up while watching videos. Everyone is selling, including the fraudsters and cheaters.

Don’t be one of them, make your video centered around a story and not a sale. People hate being sold. The guidelines used for written content also applies to video content. Providing value to customers is essential to winning them over.

Videos are great at building rapport with your audience and getting an emotional response is a step in the right direction.

Appeal to your viewer’s emotions by tugging at their needs and desires. You might think that you will lose leads by doing this, you can place CTAs so that your audience won’t be left hanging. Once trust is established, viewers will follow what you instruct them to do via a call to action.

2- Make It The Best 10 Seconds Ever

The human attention span is as long as a goldfish. This is why you need to show the tale of your content within 10 seconds. Research has shown that a fifth of viewers will click away from a video within 10 seconds.

Video experts advise us to be direct and concise, the first few seconds matter. You can start off by asking questions that may trigger your viewers’ curiosity. Teasers can be used to grab their attention from the start.

You should show the value of your video and answer the question “why should I watch it?” Are they going to learn something new? Will they be entertained or laugh their heart out? Will they be inspired to do what they have never done before?

3- Don’t Make A Boring Video

The worst thing that marketers can do is come up with a boring video. Your audience is thirsty for new information and the latest trends. They want to laugh and be entertained. Humor is an effective tool in video content, use it to engage and attract users.

Hubspot makes videos that are creative and funny. They are not afraid to take risks. Being too conservative is not a part of their vocabulary.

Get out of the box and start firing up those creative juices. Don’t imitate your competitor’s formal tone and stiff content. Entertaining your viewers with humor is a great icebreaker and it helps get the viewers’ guard down. An emotional link is established which results in trust.

4- Do Your SEO

Youtube is a search engine like Google, so you need to optimize your videos to get high rankings in searches. To maximize your SEO, you need to host your video on your domain. You also need to enable video embedding so that you can get inbound links. Get a video sitemap so that search engines will know where to find your video content.

SEO should be applied to titles and descriptions. These allow crawlers to understand your video better and what type of content you have. Include relevant keywords and unique titles plus clear descriptions.

5- Educate Your Audience

65% of viewers are visual learners. A powerful method of video marketing is teaching your customers. Giving useful information on how to use your product or service via webinar can add value to your customers’ lives. You can expect more leads and referrals in the process.

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