Free Keyword Research Tool & Secret Guide 2109
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Free Keyword Research Tool & Secret Guide 2109

keyword Research Tools 2019Free Keyword Research Tool

Hello Fellow Friends and marketers! Greetings from Vipin. Today I am going to describe how to choose buying keywords for your business or blog. Keyword research is an essential part when you are going to SEO. Here are many Keyword Research tool for SEO. Every tool gives different data in terms of volume, keyword difficulty (Low, Medium, High )CPC ( If you are running a blog based on Google Adsense).

People get confused that how to choose right keyword for your business or blog. So let me tell you that how you choose right keywords for your business.

Before to go ahead on keyword selection let me describe you best keyword research tool for SEO.

Best Keyword Research (Suggestion )Tool 2019

keyword Research Tools 2019

Let me point out some best keyword suggestion tools for you.

Best 11 Keyword Research Tool Every Marketer Should Use in 2019

1- Ahref  

2-  Google Keyword Planner

3- Long Tail Pro

4- Google Correlate 

5- Kw-Finder 

6- Uber Suggest

7- Keyword Everywhere

8- Keyword Shitter

9- Answer The Public

10- Quora

11- Word Stream Keyword Research Tool

1- Google Keyword Planner Or Google Adwords: Google Adwords is one of best keyword research tool all time as its own by Google and giving very close and exact results. This is one of best tool I am using for keyword research for my business.

How to use Google Adwords for Keyword Research.

1- Search ” google keyword planner” and go with the first link.

2- Sign up in Account and Click on Tool Icon. See the image below.

keyword research tool

Like you have to search for ” Internet Marketing

You can refine your search by target country, languages, Search Engine and Negative keywords. You can also set data range (like if you want to know about last 6 month searches or 1 years searches you can get that data easily), Filter keywords ( High, Low, Medium )  and by keyword, options set an advanced search option.

You can get keyword ideas for related searches as well. So from my point of view, its Google Keyword Planner is the smart tool for keyword research for any business that you are planning. If you are planning to run PPC Campaign ( Pay Per Click ) to generate leads for your business then closely observe and select Long Tail keywords to get maximum clicks on your ads.

Note: On PPC Campaign I ‘ll share a guide so you get maximum clicks by spending minimum budget.

2- Uber suggest: I personally using uber suggest and find good keywords results include customers query in form of keywords. So If you have not tried this free keyword research tool then give it a try. I am sure that you love this tool. You Can access this free tool here.

If a Search a Primary Keyword ” Restaurant” then see what comes out from this tool.

Now you get top search results and suggested keywords related to this search term.

So you get A-Z Results for related Keyword phrase. So just go with each keyword and think which is best to use. Become a user and think does this keyword can be user intention. As Keyword research is the part of psychology “That how people think about the particular product and what they write to find out their query on search engine”.

Forget for sometimes that you are a digital marketer and think as a normal man and then do research that what do you search for your query.

I know some of you thinking that what shit I am talking about but believe this technique works for me. Hope this also works for you.

So when you go for the research part always focus on long tail keywords too along with your primary keywords.

3- This is one of the best Keyword Suggestion tool that you can use for free. This tool has best rating and recommended by pro marketers. It’s like as Google Keyword Planner tool and almost show same search volume as Google Keyword planner shows.

Advance features of the tool that you can get Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, and App store searches keywords data. You can use keywords suggestion your blog post, page content and anchor text linking. Its all up to you that how close you observing these keywords and select a few of them which fruitful for business.

5-Tool Feast: Tool feast autosuggest is a good tool for keyword research. This tool is developed by Indian developer Parash and he is studying in 12th class as per my knowledge. This tool is awesome to find the seed and long tail keywords for business. It also shows the current trend of that particular keyword. So if you are running a blog then you get to know that is still this topic is good to write or not.

Conclusion: As per my suggestion every tool almost same data. But if you really want to check about keyword difficulty then go with some manual research and find that is possible to rank this keyword in Google first page. If yes then how much competition you need to face while ranking your desire keyword if you have the new domain. If you have the new domain then start with medium and low competition keywords.

Kindly suggest any topic that you think I should cover in my next article.

Happy Blogging to all of You! 🙂 Do not forget to give feedback and suggestions in the comment box.


Further and Foremost I am Founder of This Blog Vipin Divakar. I write about Digital Marketing and Market Research. You can connect me on any social media channels.

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  1. As much as they help me and as much as I love them, I’ve never really trusted a keyword research tool 100%. All of them pull data from one place or another and can be wrong often times. Even ahrefs blog mentions that their data is not to be trusted 100%. Although the keyword research tools provide us with a hint of what the metrics are and whether or not to work on the keyword.


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